Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Socks | Ficus Lyrata Socks | Plant Lover Socks

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OH MY… FIDDLE! socks in ankle and crew cut

Now you can take your favorite potted houseplant with you everywhere you go. The beloved Fiddle Leaf Fig (or Ficus Lyrata) is ready to tag along on your every adventure, even a strong breeze won’t stop it here.

OH MY PLANTA’s goal is to help like-minded houseplant lovers find cute and quality novelty goods, so that houseplant lovers everywhere can wear their passion on their sleeves (or feet).

Socks contain:
70% combed cotton
27% nylon
3% spandex


S/M fits:
US Women's 5-10 shoe size
US Men's 5-8.5 shoe size

M/L fits:
US Women's 9.5-13 shoe size
US Men's 8-12.5 shoe size